Lukas Daniel Klausner – Portrait I am a mathematician and computer scientist conducting interdisciplinary research at the intersection of critical computer science and science and technology studies at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. In October 2018, I finished my doctorate in set theory at TU Wien, where I worked mostly on cardinal characteristics of the continuum. Since completing my PhD, I have shifted my research focus towards investigating how society and technology interact and shape each other.

In my research, I strive to combine the precision and rigour of a mathematical and algorithmical mindset with a holistic approach and understanding of the societal and ethical issues raised by technological innovation. My main research interests currently revolve around predictive technologies, marginalised communities and information systems, critical perspectives on correctness, changes in how we consume and produce media, game studies, and the societal embedding of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Together with Paola Lopez, I recently founded AK MatriX, the Working Group on Trans- and Interdisciplinarity in Mathematics.

I live in Vienna and on the internet. I pronounce my name /ˈluːkas ˌdaːni̯ɛl ˈklaʊ̯snɐ/, but feel free to adapt it to the phonology of your native language. My pronouns are he/him/his and they/them/theirs.