Other Interests

I have always had a strong interest in politics and policy, especially internet policy and digital rights. Since September 2019, I am one of the people organising the Austrian Netzpolitischer Abend. I have also been involved in other political contexts, e. g. epicenter.works – Plattform Grundrechtspolitik, Frauenvolksbegehren 2.0, AMIRA – Menschenrechte in Aktion or the campaign You Are Welcome – Letters for Traiskirchen.

Since high school, I have been singing in choirs, currently in the (award-winning) Choir of the TU Wien. Some of our performances can be found on YouTube.

I am an avid consumer of pop culture, especially of TV series, non-fiction books, fantasy and SF novels and RPGs. Together with a few friends, I have edited Forschungsdrang und Rollenspiel, a collection of texts analysing the largest German roleplaying game Das Schwarze Auge from the viewpoint of the humanities and sciences. (The original call for papers can be found here.) I also regularly contribute to the (award-winning) Techniktagebuch, where my many, many coauthors and I write about seemingly mundane experiences involving technology.

In addition, I have a strong interest in languages and linguistics, especially syntax and semantics; when bored, I'm likely to start to learn new languages. Lately, I have been most interested in sign languages (and Austrian Sign Language in particular).

As far as sport is concerned, you can occasionally find me ballroom dancing, scuba diving or practicing archery.

Thanks to coauthoring a paper with Saharon Shelah, who himself has written a paper with Paul Erdős, I have an Erdős number of 2.

Non-Academic Publications

Pop Culture